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  • You're in Clare Country!
    My gorgeous and temparamental girlfriend, Clare. Ouch, stop hitting me on the head!!!!!
  • Just Joshing
    [My photo] is a car I drew on my hand. [The car] has a vinyl and it has a shiny muffler and it doesn't have a spoiler. And it has headlights. I like cars.
  • Nguyen Family
    Tung and Sylvia have lived with me and continue to be my friends. I know what you are thinking, yes they are a little crazy.
  • Tina T's Countdown
    One of my favourite clubbing buddies of old. Now jetsetting around the world....
  • Mick's world tour
    Have you heard of the gingerbread man?
  • The Little Guy - Bravenet Blog
    Another member of the Fernando clan with a blog. Check it out for an interesting view on life from the perspective of a uni student. Ahhhh, memories :-)
  • tungasaurus
    Kicked off the family site for posting too many poker stories, he has gone out on a limb with his own site.
  • The Storyteller
    Original scripts, novels, poetry, articles and soapies available for your reading pleasure.


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  • Cedric_lucia
    There are many people who have helped to shape my life. This album presents some of them. Whether they are part of my life now or not, they played a part in my past and helped to make me into who I am.

Casino Royale

  • 07082006271
    The night

Hunter Valley October06

  • Hunter3
    An impromptu trip to the Hunter Valley with many unexpected discoveries.

August 10, 2008